7 Best Orange Slices Candy Reviews And Buying Guide 2022

When it comes to candies, who does not want one? And if the candies come in fruit flavors, that surely is a cherry on top, right?

Now, imagine you love oranges, and there are plenty of orange flavored candies available in the market, we know, it sounds like a delight!

But, how do you know which are the best orange slices candy? We know better than to make you go through the hassle of browsing the web or researching only to satisfy your sweet tooth with something fruity.

Therefore, below we have put together and ranked our top picks of orange candies available in the market.

Before we go to the reviews, let’s check out the good sides that come with orange-flavored candies!

Just Follow This Table for Choosing A Best Product Very Quickly

Bestseller No. 1

CrazyOutlet Gummy Candy Orange Flavor Fruit Slice Candy – Bulk Pack 2 Lbs

  • GUMMY CANDY: Provide a great addition to your weekend festivities with a huge mixed assortment of delicious candy! This mix will be sure to put a smile on your face with its variety in delicious flavors and treats!
  • SATISFY YOUR SWEET TOOTH: Stock up on our tasty candy for when you crave a sweet snack; These bite-sized candies are perfect for all ages
  • PERFECT FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Our jelly wedge candy is ideal for any occasion such as Mother’s Day, birthdays, parties, sweet sixteens, office parties, school, movie nights, holidays, family gatherings, and many more
  • BULK CANDY: This value pack includes 2 pounds of delicious candy with approximately 65 slices per order

Bestseller No. 2

Orange Jelly Slices Candy, Sugar Dusted, Gluten Free, 2 Pound Bag

  • Our Orange Slices capture the sweet flavor of juicy oranges, which makes them incredibly delicious jelly candies; gluten-free
  • Smooth jellies in the shape of fruit slices with a light dusting of sugar are sweet, moist and fun to eat; perfect sweet and sour combination
  • This retro candy looks classy enough to be displayed in a candy bowl and will surely be a hit at parties
  • Old-time favorite Orange Jellies would make a lovely addition to candy buffets, cake decorations, and holiday celebrations including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter
  • Bulk pack of 2 pounds; approximately 65 candies per order; made in USA

Bestseller No. 7

Boston Fruit Slices Round, 11-Ounce

  • AMERICA’S ORIGINAL FRUIT SLICES – These are the ones you grew up on!
  • Original Recipe – Handmade in Small Batches
  • Flavors Included: Lemon, Lime, Cherry & Orange
  • Made In The USA

Bestseller No. 8

Brach’s Mandarin Orange Slices Candy – Tangy Orange Slices – Individually Wrapped – Bulk Pack – 3 Pound

  • Includes one (1) bulk 3-pound pack of approximately 90 Brach’s Mandarin Orange Slices Candy. Brach’s Mandarin Orange Slices are the perfect gummy for grown-ups and kids! Each bite is full of juicy flavor, making it a delicious choice for snack time.
  • Brach’s Mandarin Orange slices made with real fruit juice, these tangy orange slices are sure to delight your taste buds, adding a burst of citrus sweetness to your day.
  • Pour a few into a baggie to take with you or use them to keep the candy dish at home full. Brach’s Mandarin Orange Slices Candy also make a unique topping for cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other baked creations.
  • You’ll be the most popular person at work when you bring these fruit flavored gummies in to share with coworkers and clients!
  • Make any day sweeter: from kid’s birthday parties or gift bags to Halloween candy for tricksters-treaters or candy canes at Christmas, to a sweet treat in a busy day, Brach’s makes every day sweeter.

Bestseller No. 9

SweetGourmet Hand-Crafted Agar Orange Fruit Slices Bulk | 1 Pound

  • SweetGourmet Fruit Slices are always a great treat! Made with Agar, our jellies are soft and sweet.
  • | Gluten-Free | Egg-Free | Milk-Free | Fat-Free | Soy-Free| Gelatin-Free|
  • No one can resist the delicious taste and texture of these fruit slices, cut to resemble fruit and available in numerous delicious flavors.
  • The crisp sugar topping blends with the succulent chewy fruit candy beneath, creating a taste that is timelessly popular and appealing.
  • Approx. 24 pieces per Pound. Candy Size: 2.25 inch

Bestseller No. 10

Funtasty Orange Jelly Slices Candy, Unwrapped, Gluten Free, Sugar Sanded, 15 Ounce Pack

  • These Orange Jelly Slices are classic sugar-dusted candies in neon-bright color and orange flavor
  • They have a deliciously firm yet tender jelly center and are covered in crystallized sugar; however, the coating is not overdone; gluten-free
  • Our jellies are moist, chewy, and tasty; soft and sweet, they are perfect for holidays, parties, gifts, candy dishes, cake decor and other baking ideas
  • You will get a 15-ounce pack of unwrapped Orange Jelly Candies; approximately 30 pieces per order
  • Frustration-free packaging; made in USA

Benefits of Using Orange Slices Candy

orange slices candy

You might wonder, what possible benefits can an orange-flavored candy offer? Well, you would be delighted to know that premium quality orange candies with actual orange extracts have benefits that go a long way, let’s learn about it together!

Health Benefits from Orange Candies

The health benefits that come with the consumption of orange candies can never be written about enough. We all know that the slices of oranges are Vitamin C rich, therefore, these orange candies provide similar benefits as well.

It makes your immune system stronger with its vitamins and additionally reduces inflammation inside your body! It has more and more health benefits like controlling a bad cold and boosting your energy levels as well.

Candies for a Better Memory

Yes! You read it right. We would surely tell you to eat some candies before an exam, not for the treat but for the fact that the folic acid of orange extracts in these candies boost brain activity and helps you achieve a good memory system gradually. Go ace your exams!

Makes You Look Younger

We all are well aware how oranges are one of the main ingredients used in many beauty products in the industry now. Now, ask yourself, if the extract in those products can make people glow up, why cannot the same happen when they come in the form of sweet little candies?

Orange candies are known to provide beauty benefits and make you look younger with the Vitamin C present in their content. This way, your skin looks smoother than healthier than ever!

Helps You See the World Better and Clearer

The benefits that Vitamin C provides are endless. Therefore, this is another reason why orange candies help you get better eyesight and improve your overall vision.

Our Top 7 Best Orange Slices Candy Reviews

We care about your wish to know about the top candied orange slices there are; however, let’s be a little more patient. Now, before moving on to the final reviews, let’s take a quick look at our 7 best picks of orange slices candies. We do not want to keep you waiting any longer! Now, let us dive right into the in-depth reviews.

Orange Slice Wedges Candy from the Nutty Fruithouse

When you are looking for something sweet and a bit sour as well, Orange Slice Wedges Candy from the Nutty Fruithouse will be your favorite thing; we’re positive about that!

Christmas, Easter, or Halloween, you will never be bored or out of style with these orange jelly candies. The orange wedges are filled with jelly-like orange fillings, shaped like orange slices, and are sprinkled on with crystal sugar dust all over.

Do you have a diet that does not include gluten of any sort? Well, guess what, these orange slice wedges candies are gluten free and completely certified.

These tender bites come in bags of a pound with 34 pieces. The bags come in different sizes as well, you can always choose to buy them as a small present or keep them for yourself.

These Orange Slice Wedges Candy from The Nutty Fruithouse would take you ona trip down the nostalgia lane with one bite since these have existed for a long time and are the most traditional fruit candies out there!

Highlighted Features

  • Gluten Free Certified
  • Comes in different sizes bags for convenience
  • Sweet and Sour combo with sugar dust and orange fillings makes you salivate
  • Perfect for all seasons

Funtasty Orange Flavored Jelly Sliced Wrapped Candies

Funtasty Orange Jelly Slices Candy, Vegan, Individually Wrapped, Gift Box 2 Lbs

  • Orange Jelly Slices: Individually wrapped, orange-flavored jelly slices are iconic sugar-dusted candies. They have a deliciously firm yet tender jelly center and are covered in crystallized sugar. However, the coating is not overdone
  • Incredibly Tasty: Our jellies are moist, chewy, and incredibly tasty. They are soft and sweet, not gummy and sticky like pectin-based gels. Perfect for cake decor and other baking ideas
  • Vegan Friendly: These fruit slices contain one of the most popular healthy ingredients used in deserts instead of gelatin called agar agar. It’s made from a type of seaweed called red algae, which is rich in calcium and chlorophyll. If you are a vegan or want a healthier alternative, give it a try. Gluten-free
  • What You Get: 2 Pound Pack of Jelly Orange Slices. Approximately 53 pieces per order

With combined features of both soft and hard candies, Funtasty has made this orange jelly candy as if it were a basket full of festive treats!
The Funtasty Orange Flavored Jelly Sliced Wrapped Candies from the Crazy Outlet are available in bulk. Hence, you can buy them for any bigger occasions you want. Moreover, they come with smiley-shaped slices, which is even more fascinating. Whenever you take a bite, you will feel happy, and that’s something amazing!

The crystal sugar-dusted coatings on the outside give these candies the perfect sweet and sour balance. Oh, and did we forget to tell you one more thing? You can leave the worries of your gluten-free diet before biting into these candies because they are fully gluten free!

This candy from Fantasty is certainly the jack of all trades because they do not only fulfill the urges of your sweet tooth, but it also comes wrapped! Once you open the packet, you will find each slice of this fresh candy wrapped individually to maintain quality purposes.

Packs come in pounds of two with around 53 slices per bag of these best orange jelly slices candy! Therefore, even though you hate sharing your candies, we know you would not mind sharing some with such an abundant number of candies.

Highlighted Features

  • Gluten free certified
  • Individually wrapped each slice to prevent stickiness
  • Abundant amount with 53 slices
  • Suitable for all types of festivals-Christmas day, Halloween, Easter, etc.

Orange Flavored Jelly Tubs from Zachary

The brand Zachary already owns a name famous enough with their diversified options of so many flavored jelly candies to choose from, but, of course, none can beat those Zachary orange slices candy!

With a light coating of sugar, you will dive right into a nostalgic trip like the good old days when you bite into the fresh, tender, and soft jelly candies.

These jelly-like candies come packed in a plastic tub. Therefore, you can easily carry it everywhere. Snack on them while you work at your desk, or pack them up and gift them to your colleagues when the holiday seasons are nearby.

Another great feature of these candies is that the candy tub weighs only about 1.5 pounds, indicating how easy it is to carry while having fun and munching the bursting orange flavors.

Jelly Tubs from Zachary are your go-to candies whenever you are in dire need to fulfill the cravings of your sweet tooth!

Highlighted Features

  • Candies come in an acetate tub of plastic
  • Sweet and sour taste filled in the candies to make them more desirable
  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Perfect for all types of occasion

Gummi Sweet Confection Candies from FRUIDLES

Original Jelly Fruit Slices, Gummi Sweet Confection Candies, Traditional Old Fashioned, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Kosher Certified Parve (Orange, 1 Pound)

  • FRESH & FRUITY SLICE GUMMY CANDIES: Fruidles Americas Original single-flavor Fuit Slices Gummies pack giant taste into one delicious flavor. After one bite of these fruity gummies, you’ll taste the difference of giant fresh fruit flavors & a deliciously soft chew you won’t find with other gummy candies.
  • CHOOSE FROM THE DIFFERENT FLAVORS: Apple, Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Grape, Lemon, Lemon-Lime, Lime, Orange, Peach, Pink Grapefruit, Raspberry, Watermelon, & Assorted Fruit Slice Mix!
  • PARTY FAVOR SNACK: These Giant Multicolored Fruit Jelly Candies Sanded Treats are ideal for Party Bag fillers, Stocking Stuffers, Events, Birthday Parties Decorations, Piñata Fillers, Care Packages, Wedding Party Favors, and any Other Event that needs some Sweetness to it! Tastes as good as they look and are guaranteed to satisfy your sugar cravings!
  • SWEET TREAT: There’s a reason why these sugared slices are shaped like a smile, it’s because you can’t help but grin with every bite of these sweet and fruity slices. They have a deliciously firm yet tender jelly center and are covered in crystallized sugar. These Are The Ones You Grew Up On!
  • PACKAGING: This individually wrapped fruit slice gummy candies classic treat comes in 4 different sizes. 8 oz, 1 Pound, 2 Pound, and a 5 Pound pack. These large quantities ensure you’ll be set for anything coming your way. It comes in a resealable bag to ensure quality and freshness.

If you have not been smiling enough and not being able to find the perfect gummy orange flavored jelly candies of the season, you are clearly unaware of this one by FRUIDLES.

This candy is already renowned for its huge collection of assorted gummy candies, however, these are our favorite pick because we can never have too many oranges flavored candies, right?

Additionally, let us remind you that time travel might not be real, but with each bite of these perfectly crystal sugar-coated tender candies, you will get a taste of home back in the days!

These candies can become both your sweet tooth fulfiller and a good present to gift a friend as well! And they come in bulk-size packages, so get them as many as you want within a reasonable price range.

Even though these are gummy candies, they are the perfect subtle types and not the classic sticky and weird candies you normally find at stores. Be it a snowy Christmas, a sunny Summer or a colorful Easter, you will never go wrong with these candies.
They are the perfect décor and treat items for dish parties alongside orange slice candy cookies as well.

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for all festivals
  • Great choice for dish parties and decors
  • Cute sized and looks aesthetically pleasing
  • Perfect present for people of all ages during the holidays

Orange Gummy Candy from CRAZYOUTLET

CrazyOutlet Gummy Candy Orange Flavor Fruit Slice Candy – Bulk Pack 2 Lbs

  • GUMMY CANDY: Provide a great addition to your weekend festivities with a huge mixed assortment of delicious candy! This mix will be sure to put a smile on your face with its variety in delicious flavors and treats!
  • SATISFY YOUR SWEET TOOTH: Stock up on our tasty candy for when you crave a sweet snack; These bite-sized candies are perfect for all ages
  • PERFECT FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Our jelly wedge candy is ideal for any occasion such as Mother’s Day, birthdays, parties, sweet sixteens, office parties, school, movie nights, holidays, family gatherings, and many more
  • BULK CANDY: This value pack includes 2 pounds of delicious candy with approximately 65 slices per order

Another innovation of sweet candies from the Crazy Outlet, these orange gummy candies are so delicious! And as always, they come in bulks, Crazy Outlet surely knows how to make us happy with crazy candy amounts.

These sweet treats come in cute sizes of precise rounded orange slice shapes with a subtle yet abundant amount of crystalized sugar sprinkles, yum!

The right pick for all ages, buy a pack of these candies to share with both your grandparents on their anniversary and your younger cousins on their birthdays! The bright shades of orange might be one more thing that will light up the rooms alongside the Christmas tree.

However, this Orange Gummy Candy is not only a Christmas special. It will also fit right with any festival like Easter, Halloween, dish parties, and many more.

The packages come in pounds of two, however, guess the number of slices it has? Let us tell you, it’s 65 slices per pack! But keep control of yourself while munching on these as the sugar rush can be dangerous sometimes!

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in bulks of 65 slices per bag of 2 pounds
  • Perfect to suit any festivities
  • Suitable for all ages of people and youngsters
  • Fresh and good enough to fulfill sweet tooth cravings

Chewy Orange Fruit Slices from BRACH’S

From hard candies to chocolate orange slices candy and gummy bears, BRACH’shold the ultimate candy business reputation.

If you are someone who loves snacking on candies but hates it when they’re gone, the chewiness of these orange fruit slices will make the flavors last for longer in your mouth. The chewiness will give you a burst of flavors in a way no other candy could.

What we found to be impressive about this one chewy candy is how it is made from fresh orange juice! Imagine the nutrients and vitamins you could take in just by enjoying a candy that you only wanted to satisfy your sweet tooth with.

BRACH’s chewy orange slices come in bigger packs; hence, you would not have to be selfish while eating these candies, you can easily share them with your friends. They come in tubs as well, and you know what that means, right?

The candy tubs are super easy to carry around, and you can always sneak and snack on them during a work break. They are an ideal option for presents, décor, festivals like Christmas, Easter, and the list goes on!

Highlighted Features

  • Made from fresh orange juice with orange extracts
  • Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and many more
  • Comes in a tub of a pound, can be shared amongst friends
  • Tubs can be used as a décor item in dish parties

Orange Slice Candy from SARAH’S CANDY FACTORY

Sarah’s Candy Factory Orange Slice Candy (5 Lbs in Jar)

  • ORANGE SLICES: Classic bite-size fruit slice wedges, chewy textured candy, mouthwatering sweet taste, and comes in many flavors. Old fashioned assorted candy for everyone, all ages!
  • FUN CANDY IN MANY WAYS : Orange flavors, and bite-size shapes. Great for your home, after dinners, lunches, meals for your sweet tooth, perfect at work, break rooms, reception desks; convenient for any place.
  • GREAT FOR OCCASIONS: Classic fruits slice wedges, sweet old-fashioned treats for holidays. Perfect for a Birthday Party, Christmas Party, also great for trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Make your day special with those candies.
  • COMES IN A BIG JAR: 5-Pound candy comes in A Bag; convenient and keeps your candy fresh.

Sarah’s Candy Factory has made their orange fruit slice candy with a super delish recipe. Let’s get to know why we are hyping this one up so much.

These candies come in the classic bit-sized orange-shaped patterns, they are both chewy and wedge-like! Sarah’s Candy Factory has very specifically made their recipe of this candy to give you the taste of sweet old nostalgia with a taste that will make you reminisce old memories while creating new ones!

This brand’s orange sliced wedges hold the value of old-fashioned candies and the newness of the advanced era. They have made their packaging unique by providing candies in bags that are resealable. It is also known that Sarah’s Candy Factory packs them again after getting them from the manufacturer.

The bags come in sizes of 3 pounds! The trick or treaters at your doorstep will never leave with a sad face if you throw in some candies from this big bag while saving some for yourself.

The bottom line is, we love Sarah’s Candy Factory’s orange candy! Again, the resealable bag only sounds convenient and perfect to give you a fresh treat when you get those strikes of sweet tooth cravings.

Highlighted Features

  • Resealable bag, easy to carry and keep candies fresh
  • Suitable for all occasions like Christmas, Easter, birthdays, etc.
  • Comes in a bag of three pounds, easy to share between friends.
  • Packing is done by the brand’s company itself

Compression Chart Of Orange Slices Candy

Orange Slices Candy Name Brand Package and Slices Gluten Free or Not?
Orange Slice Wedges Candy The Nutty Fruithouse 1 pound bag, 34 slices of candies per bag. Gluten Free
Funtasty OrangeFlavored Jelly Sliced Wrapped Candies CrazyOutlet 2 pounds bag, 53 slices of candies per bag. Gluten Free
Orange Slices Jelly Tubs Zachary 1.5 pounds of candies packed in an acetate plastic tub. Not Gluten Free
Gummi Sweet Confection Candies FRUIDLES Half a pound (0.5 lbs) of a bag with slices of candies. Not Gluten Free
Orange Gummy Candy CrazyOutlet 2 pounds bag, 65 slices of candies per bag. Not Gluten Free
Chewy Orange Fruit Slices Brach’s About a pound of tub with slices of candies. Not Gluten Free
Orange Slice Candy Sarah’s Candy Factory 3 pounds of resealable bag with slices of candies. Not Gluten Free

Things to Consider Before Buying Orange Slices Candy

Previously, we read about the good perks of orange sliced candies, but how do you know which ones are right for you?

Now, we know that you love candies as much as we do, however, no matter what you wish to buy, you must be aware of where you are spending your hard-earned money, let’s go through some wise words.

orange slices candy

Expiry Dates

To decide how reliable it is, you must always check the quality of the taste of the candy and the expiry date of it. You do not want to buy sweet treats which are not sweet anymore.

Brand Name

Most brands we talked about in our reviews are the best out there, but still, try them out on your own and see which brand’s candies you like the most.

They mostly contain the same features, therefore, pick out that one unique factor and finalize a candy of your taste!


As we read before in this article, candies come in bags, jars and some are even sold in resealable bags!

Pick your purpose. For an outing or picnic, tubs will be a perfect choice, whereas, for snack breaks and regular eating, bags are good since they keep the candies fresh for longer.


Most candies have the same features, but the quality of some candies will always stand out! Find what you want more in the candies, more chewiness, tenderness, or sweetness. Then, buy the one that meets your criteria of the perfect candy quality.

Reviews from Customers

While we have already reviewed the candies, take a look at the reviews of the candies you buy. You might find comments that match your mindset, and you will be able to pick candies wisely.

We hope these suggestions come in handy during your candy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common ingredients of orange candy slices?

Corn Syrup, Orange Juice, and Citric Acid are present in mostly all orange candies.

Do people eat peelings of orange?

Yes, orange peelings are edible, and some people even use them for beauty purposes. However, the pulp is more preferred.

Do orange candies add to fat?

No, not necessarily. Oranges are actually sources of vitamins. Candies can always give you a bad sugar rush, they also contain calories. The right way is to consume it to a balanced and healthy degree.

Are orange candies specific to an event?

Nope, not at all! They are there to suit any sort of occasion and festival in all seasons.

Are all orange candies gluten-free?

Nope, if you read our article, you will be able to see that we mentioned how some candies are certified gluten free, while others are not.

Final Words

When it comes to choosing the best orange slices candy, you can pick one from our list to enjoy a delightful time. The Orange Slice Wedges Candy from The Nutty Fruithouse is our most favorite, so you can give it a try to please the crowd.

Moreover, the Fantasty Orange Flavored Candies from CRAZYOUTLET is another great option to consider. Well, the truth is, no matter which product you choose from our review, you will end up with the best one undoubtedly.

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