Announcing Pedroncelli Staff Promotions & New Positions

Humberto Cortes

Geyserville, Calif., November 16, 2022 – Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County. J. Pedroncelli Winery Inc. is pleased to announce the latest promotions on the winemaking team as well as the addition of the Tasting Room Lead and Digital Marketing Associate. 

Winemaker Montserrat Reece is very proud to announce the advancement of two key positions in the production crew. Hipolito ‘Polo’ Cano became Assistant Winemaker and Umberto ‘Beto’ Cortes assumed the roles of Cellar Master and Barrel Master. Says Reece, “I’m very honored to have Hipólito Cano promoted to Assistant Winemaker. Polo’s dedication to quality, experience and hard work over the years has proven crucial for the success of Pedroncelli and I’m looking forward for his contributions on our winemaking team.”  President Julie Pedroncelli St. John said, “This is a well-deserved promotion for Hipólito, his experience began in the vineyard 34 years ago and he soon made his way into the cellar where he helped craft our wines with an eye for quality and precision.”

Reece continued, “I’m very proud to have Humberto Cortez promoted to Cellar & Barrel Master. Humberto brings talent, dedication, and a commitment to the quality of our wine production.” Cortes has worked at Pedroncelli for 20 years. Cano had this to say about Cortes, “I’m very happy for him on his promotion, he deserves it, we’ve been coworkers for so many years and worked side by side on whatever project came up around the winery and the daily duties during the process of making our wine (I call it our wine because our hands helped to craft it). Beto is a good friend and a great guy to have on your side when you need a hand and he has what we all have here, he loves what he does.”

The two new roles were filled mid-year with Marcus Cano, named Digital Marketing Associate, and Elizabeth ‘Lizzy’ Boardman, transitioning to Tasting Room Lead. The new positions are a sign of growth and outreach for Pedroncelli. Marcus Cano, who is also the son Hipólito, brought his keen marketing and social media talents to the new position. His background includes a stint at Jordan Winery as well as work for Piazza Hospitality and he did marketing and media freelance work. “I am very happy with Marcus and the creativity he brings to our social media channels. More is coming and the benefit of his connection to the winery helps get our message out to the wider community.” Lizzy was hired as Tasting Room Lead after working in the tasting room for 7 years. Colin Sinclair, Tasting Room Manager, is pleased with the promotion saying, “Lizzy embodies Pedroncelli’s spirit of hospitality with her upbeat attitude, along with her cheerful and welcoming personality.”

About Pedroncelli Winery & Pedroncelli Farms

2022 marks the 95th anniversary of the founding of the winery by Giovanni (John) and Giulia Pedroncelli in 1927. Family owned and operated in Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County, California. Certified sustainable by the CSWA in both the vineyards and winery. Pedroncelli focuses on crafting their flagships, Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon, through wisdom gained by growing these grapes for 95 and 65 years respectively. A total of 115 acres are farmed bringing in 11 different varieties. 

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