Boisé’s Oak Portfolio Offers Winemakers Consistent Precision Tools for Winemaking

The impact of climate change has increased the challenges winemakers face when growing grapes and making wine in what is already a complex system. When dealing with any change, whether a new tool, a process revision or the result of the changing climate, winemakers can take several years of testing and observing the outcome before being confident that they can trust its consistency.

Boisé by Vivelys oak portfolio offers winemakers precision tools to combat the environmental conditions they experience every year. This year Glenn Jeffries, Boisé Oak Consultant, has observed an increase in the use of premium oak staves. Thicker staves are more effective at simulating the barrel impact on wine due to gradually releasing components during an extended integration period. This gives winemakers time to define their preferred wine profiles and gives them full control in achieving structured and complex mouthfeel in their premium wines without using barrels.

To assure high quality in their oak products, Boisé implements high standards for sorting the oak using direct chemical analysis to grade out and determine which product line it should be in before the seasoning process starts. The company analyses the oak material at multiple points in the aging process to confirm that the product will give the desired result. This allows them to maintain excellent quality control. This attention to detail before and during production gives winemakers better control over the wine profile. With grape growing conditions varying more from year to year than ever before, Boisé’s precision tools give winemakers the ability to respond to the environmental challenges with more confidence.

In addition, Boisé’s oak portfolio offers environmental and sustainability benefits. Boisé has invested in 300 solar panels at their production facility in France, allowing them to toast all their staves and barrel inserts with 100% solar energy.

Boisé has also received accreditation for operating its energy management systems at ISO-50001 standards, a sustainability certification for continual improvement in reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.

Boisé premium barrel inserts, tank staves, and oak chips are distributed by G3 Enterprises. For more technical information, visit us at WIN Expo Booth #213, contact us at G3 Enterprises or order at


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