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The new kids on the block, Corksy, are already making a splash in the wine industry with the recent acquisition of wine technology company, Vinebase. 

Irvine, California, Nov 18th, 2022 The newest player in the wine technology space, Corksy, an end-to-end eCommerce and growth marketing platform for wineries to manage direct-to-consumer (DTC), has made their first splash by announcing the acquisition of the wine technology company Vinebase.

Vinebase, founded out of a COVID marketing campaign, built a strong customer base with loyal independent wineries looking to grow their direct-to-consumer business. The platform built a DTC-business-in-a-box solution which gained traction against existing tools that they felt missed the mark on what wineries really needed. After building the platform for 2.5 years, the team found a need to join forces with a company that could take the platform to the next level. Vinebase is excited to join Corksy to continue building the future of DTC wine.

Vinebase CEO, Rachel Woods, said, “Corksy’s vision, technology, and team gave us confidence in the decision for the acquisition. Their drive and ability to solve key market problems will leave a positive impact on the industry, a vision that we shared closely.”

The Vinebase acquisition adds 41 new clients to Corksy’s platform in less than a month. The success of the migration was supported by Corksy’s dedicated mission and values of putting customer success at the forefront.

Corky offers a range of solutions to manage all aspects of wineries’ end-to-end eCommerce and marketing needs. The platform’s ease of use, modern website builder, suite of eCommerce tools, and marketing automation features allow wineries to spend more time focusing on the vision and quality of a great wine experience.

Corksy CEO, Hayden Monarch, said, “Our mission is to give wineries the eCommerce & marketing automation tools that put more money back into their pocket, while allowing them to focus on what they really enjoy, making wine!”.

Corsky, a BrandClick company, comes from nearly 18 years of experience in the SaaS, development 

and marketing space. BrandClick’s ability to think outside of the box and build features ahead of trends makes them an agile partner for any industry. Leveraging their experience with AI, growth marketing processes, and eCommerce management, will increase profitability and play a major role in the future roadmap of Corksy.

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