Dear Abby: My husband’s hearing problem has turned our marriage into one big fight

DEAR ABBY: My husband is hard of hearing. No matter what I ask of him or when we have a conversation, he denies I ever spoke to him, asked him to do anything, etc. When I suggest that he may have a hearing problem and should see a doctor, he becomes angry, belligerent and denies there’s anything wrong with him.

Our marriage has turned into one big fight. I have asked him to say, “I didn’t hear you. Could you repeat that?” when he doesn’t hear me, but that hasn’t worked. He still flat-out denies that I said anything to him. If I don’t hear him clearly, I ask him to repeat what I didn’t hear. How can I convince him that he needs a hearing aid before these fights end our marriage? — ON DEAF EARS IN WEST VIRGINIA

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