Domaine de Leos Joins Forces with Nicolas Jaboulet in Producing Its Top Rosé, “Cuvée Augusta” 2022

Domaine de Leos (owned by Patrick Bruel) has just announced that it has entered into a collaboration with Nicolas Jaboulet of Domaine Les Alexandrins to produce and market its “Cuvée Augusta” Leos rosé, starting with the 2022 vintage. In addition to the estate’s increasing efforts to protect the environment, including using a lighter bottle, the rosé from Leos will be organic.

October 25th – Domaine de Leos, located near Isle-sur-la-Sorgue in the Vaucluse region of France, has always been clear about its aspiration to elevate its rosé to the highest level of excellence and to develop its international visibility, and this collaboration with Nicolas Jaboulet demonstrates the strength of their commitment. The sixth generation of a well-known family that has worked the prestigious Hermitage slopes since 1834, Nicolas has been cultivating vines in the northern Rhone for 12 years. In this region blessed with complex soils, hillsides that look down over the meanders of the Rhone, and a climate that enjoys the benefit of both Alpine and Mediterranean influences, he brings out the best of the finest terroirs, in partnership with Alexandre Caso.

Patrick Bruel said: “It is a project that is particularly close to my heart, and to which we will be adding an extra dimension with this new, 2022 vintage that promises to be exceptional. I talked to Nicolas Jaboulet about our unspoiled terroirs, and the historic winegrowing regions situated at altitude in the Ventoux, the Luberon, and the Alpilles, in the very heart of the peace and tranquility of nature.”

The deep and genuine passion for the terroirs that brought them together has today enabled them to raise the bar of excellence even higher for this exceptional “Cuvée Augusta” 2022 Leos rosé, which will be available from spring 2023. The ambition is to make a fine rosé, in the way that Nicolas makes his fine Hermitage whites. A magnificent, pure, and fresh rosé with remarkable breadth, subtly combining the fresh, high-altitude character of the Ventoux, the spicy, sun-drenched aromatics of the Alpilles, and the delicacy of the Luberon.

Nicolas Jaboulet commented: “The vines of the northern Rhone Valley have never given me the opportunity to make a top-quality rosé. Now, the Domaine de Leos project, arising from an exceptional terroir, both for the quality of its soils and the natural, unspoiled beauty of its landscapes, has convinced me it is possible. The estate’s strong commitment to a virtuous economy rooted in agriculture based on integrity and respect is in total harmony with the values that we have always upheld at Domaine Les Alexandrins.”


Domaine de Leos is an exceptional wine and olive oil producing estate. It stretches over 41 hectares near Isle-sur-la-Sorgue and is built on a unique development model. The aim was to create, in Provence, products that stand out not only their quality and originality, but equally for the commitment to environmental and societal ideals that underpins them. Like the olive oils, jams, honeys, and the estate’s range of cosmetics (whose key ingredients include L’Huile H and olive leaf extracts), its rosé wine embodies the Domaine’s most cherished values. The launch in 2024 of a boutique hotel and restaurant at Isle-sur-la-Sorgue will anchor the project even more firmly in Provence, and offer a total immersion in the world of Leos.

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