FELCO Teams Up with Lake County Winegrape Commission to Sponsor Forthcoming Pruning School

October 31, 2022, Lake County, Calif.— FELCO USA joins Lake County Winegrape Commission as a major sponsor for the forthcoming Lake County Pruning School, the first of its kind for a regional organization. The immersive training program, delivered in collaboration with Simonit & Sirch and with the sponsorship of FELCO, will be held beginning in December and is offered in both English and Spanish.

Internationally renowned for providing cutting-edge, first-quality durable pruning tools, FELCO will support Lake County Pruning School participants in proper pruning tool selection, maintenance, and servicing of their FELCO tool.

“FELCO USA, in collaboration with the Lake County Winegrape Commission and Simonit & Sirch, intends to raise awareness among winegrowers and vineyard employees in the Lake County, California, winegrowing region on topics such as vine pruning, training, and growing quality vineyards. Choosing the most suitable tools for the safety and comfort of those who work in the vineyards is essential to premium winegrape growing,” explains Jennifer Thomson, FELCO California Representative.

“We have received such a positive response to the launch of Lake County Pruning School, and we are so excited to have industry leader FELCO – a company known around the world for quality pruning tools – contribute their knowledge and resources to make the program even more robust for our region’s vineyard teams,” says Debra Sommerfield, Lake County Winegrape Commission President.

The Lake County Pruning School comprises a theoretical introductory online lesson and three days of practical hands-on lessons in the vineyard — two days during the winter for vine pruning and one day during the spring for shoot thinning. The program provides in-depth fundamental principles applicable to all grapevine training systems, such as controlled branching, vascular flow, cuts and crown buds, and protective spare wood.

“The Commission’s collaboration with both Simonit & Sirch and FELCO promises to deliver a comprehensive and immersive educational experience, one that focuses on pruning – arguably the most important of all viticultural practices – and its critical role in vine health and vineyard sustainability,” says Sommerfield.

“The utilization of FELCO tools ensures precise and clean cuts in the vineyard and leads to sustained longevity and consistent production in vineyards,” states Thomson. “FELCO tools are engineered with superior ergonomics, which lessens muscle fatigue and increases productivity. One FELCO tool will last a lifetime, reinforcing overall cost savings to employers who outfit employees with FELCO tools. FELCO maintains a market research department whose purpose is to anticipate the needs of its various markets and to respond with tools that are perfectly adapted to the evolving needs and requirements of end users.”

FELCO offers 27 single-handed pruning shear models based on hand size, cutting diameter, and application. Both right-handed and left-handed models are available as well as fixed and rotative handle options. Lake County Pruning School participants will utilize their own personal pruning tool of choice, ideally suited to their hand size and in good working condition.

Lake County Pruning School attendees will learn to properly select tools based on ergonomics and hand size, as well as cutting diameter and type of work, be it either annual pruning or conversion pruning, single-hand pruning shear or lopper models. Daily, ongoing, and annual maintenance of the tool will be a focus, as well as tool dis-assemblage, cleaning, and re-assemblage. Attendees also will be instructed on how to properly and safely sharpen tools to maintain the longevity of the blade, as well as selecting and sourcing genuine FELCO replacement parts.

Employers sending five or more employees can receive a 10 percent discount by using a special promo code during registration. Contact [email protected] for the code.

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