How to continue to get Parade, other bonus content in The Sunday Oregonian eNewspaper

Readers who wish to continue to read Parade after Nov. 13, 2022, need to activate their eNewspaper account. If you subscribe to The Oregonian and pay us directly, you have access at no added cost.

Here’s what to do:

2. Click on Sign In (upper right). Use the email address and password for your account directly with The Oregonian if you have already activated your eNewspaper.

The Oregonian eNewspaper

How to activate your eNewspaper.

3. If you haven’t yet activated your eNewspaper account, click Activate.

Put in an email address and password and click Create Account.

The Oregonian eNewspaper

Choose Print if you like a replica edition of The Oregonian.

4. You should see a front page of The Oregonian. There is a toggle at the bottom between Print and Digital. Most print readers prefer to click on Print for the view that looks just like the newspaper.

5. Scroll down to find Parade magazine. If you are in the eNewspaper, click on Supplements to find Parade.

6. Click on the cover of Parade to access it.

You’ll also see other bonus content such as the New York Times Book Review Section and a news supplement from The Washington Post. This is also where you find the Sunday comics.

Call 503-221-8240 for assistance during regular hours or email for help. Customer service is staffed until 2 p.m. on Sundays and opens back up at 7 a.m. Mondays.

The Oregonian eNewspaper

Find Parade with the Supplements.

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