Montecucco Region of Tuscany Completes Harvest After Challenging Growing Season with Great Expectations for 2022 Vintage

After a heatwave at the beginning of the summer, favorable weather conditions brought healthy grapes to the cellar, guaranteeing wines of great quality

New York, 31 October 2022 — The Montecucco Consortium announced the end of the 2022 harvest and released its annual harvest report, which indicates a slight decrease in average quantity, but excellent quality for the Sangiovese that arrived in the cellar.

The 2022 growing season was difficult, particularly due to the heatwave in May that proved to be a serious challenge for Italy. However, favorable weather conditions followed in the Montecucco region, including a drop in temperature during the month of August and rainfall during mid-August and the beginning of September, which brought 80 to 100 mm of rain. These conditions had a positive impact on the vines and temperatures aligned with the seasonal averages, allowing vines to recover from the drought and heat stress that began in May. The average yield was 2.7 tons per acre, relative to the average yield of 2.9 to 3.1 tons per acre in a typical growing season.

“We began the harvest 10 to 15 days earlier than in previous years due to the early-season heatwave,” said Giovan Battista Basile, President of the Montecucco Consortium. “But favorable weather conditions followed, and the region’s usual day-to-night temperature fluctuations, a range of 13 to 15° C, ultimately led to a healthy final stage of ripening. Merlot was the first variety harvested in mid-August, followed by Vermentino and other early varieties. We started harvesting Sangiovese grapes in mid-September. In terms of volume, we saw a slight decrease in quantities that arrived to the cellar, over 2021. Quantities were particularly low in the areas with little or no emergency irrigation systems, but we expect superior qualitative performance compared to last year.”  

Giuliano Guerrini, historic agronomist of ColleMassari Wine Estate, also shared optimistic predictions about the harvest: “Despite the stress experienced by the vines and early ripening, the season was balanced by rains in August. We brought outstanding quality grape clusters to the cellar, which had excellent health, and no trace of downy or powdery mildew. We’re seeing excellent chemical parameters of maturity with an almost perfect balance between sugar content and acidity. I’m sure that Merlot, which was harvested earlier and registered significant losses in quantity (up to 45 percent less in areas not served by irrigation), will amaze us. But regarding the quality, we expect absolutely great things. As for Sangiovese, we’re expecting wines that will age for a long time. A vintage that, from a qualitative point of view, partly reminds me of the outstanding 2012 vintage.” 

The Montecucco denomination also achieved excellent sales this year. According to the statistical report on the main Tuscan wine names by A.Vi.To. (the Tuscan Wines DOP and IGP Association), in the first half of 2022, sales of Montecucco wines grew by 29 percent over the same period of the previous year. “Despite the current challenges that are affecting the wine sector, in particular the increase of the costs of raw materials and production, we have managed to maintain a highly positive trend so far. The international market is always looking for novelty in the global wine scene, but above all for quality, certainty, and reliability. The wines of the Montecucco region perfectly meet this market demand. The time has come to consolidate our denomination’s position at the international level,” added Giovan Battista Basile.  

About the Montecucco Consortium (Consorzio Tutela Vini Montecucco):

Founded in 2000 and representing 68 wine producers, the Montecucco Consortium is committed to the stewardship, protection and promotion of the Montecucco wine denomination. The consortium ensures high quality through a set of formal production guidelines for the entire winemaking process, from cultivation to bottling, including a strict traceability system that allows consumers to know the origin of each wine purchased. The consortium’s ability to provide day in and day out support to local growers, assist in brand promotion and focus on the quality of the end product have earned the organization the trust of numerous leading estates and attracted some of Italy’s most renowned producers. For more information visit consorzio

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