Oregon State mailbag: About ‘whining marshmellows,’ coaches on the move, name for OSU-Oregon rivalry game?

You ask, and we try to deliver: the weekly Oregon State mailbag, with reader questions answered by The Oregonian/OregonLive’s Nick Daschel. Here goes:

I see that there are two Phil Knight basketball tournaments for both men and women. Will the champions play each other? It looks like the quality of the teams between the two tournaments is different with the Beavers getting the tougher draw. Thoughts? — @BZGXOR

They will not. As was the case with PK80 in 2017, the tournament was split into two eight-team divisions, with a champion in each. The days of a four-game tournament are far, far in the rearview mirror.

Any update on (Chance) Nolan and potential to be back for Ducks game? — @FantasyGuru91

Like everyone else I am curious about Mr. Nolan. – Paul D

My sense is you’ve seen the last of Nolan for the regular season. Perhaps the bowl game.

Coverage of Jade Carey? She just won a gold at the World Championships and must be the OSU athlete competing and winning at the highest level. – Jeffrey W

I hear you. Unfortunately, I’m a one-man team on Oregon State athletics and football is overwhelmingly the dominant sport in the fall. There will be reporting on Carey and OSU gymnastics once we shift to winter sports.

Enjoy your podcast and reporting on the Beavs. Quick question – How does Jack Colletto not have a NIL with Leatherman yet? I want my orange and black #12 Leatherman multi tool this Christmas. – Riley

How do you know that Colletto hasn’t already bought the company and is making one of his own?

Geeze what a bunch of whining marshmallows. Smith has been a great coach, and these spoiled know-it-alls are griping about a few unsuccessful play calls? What do these petulant crybabies want from him? For him to resign and join the long line of coaches who left to find a more patient, more supportive group of fans elsewhere? — Monte O

I’m with you on the complaining about Jonathan Smith’s decision making. You don’t get to pick and choose what you like about Smith if he’s your coach. You get what he is. Are some of his fourth-down decisions cringeworthy? Occasionally. But in modern football, automatically kicking field goals or punting on fourth down is a road to a losing record. You better be aggressive, and Smith is that.

How many trips have you made to Corvallis so far this year? – Neil D

Interesting question. Not as many as you think, probably, because when I’m in Corvallis on back-to-back days, I stay overnight. Back of the napkin math … since the first of August, probably 25 round trips. As an aside, no media outlet puts more financial resources – salaries, travel, equipment — in covering Oregon State than The Oregonian/OregonLive. We’re the only outlet that covers every football game, home and road, and usually with a reporter and columnist. Hopefully it shows in the product.

If (or when) Brian Lindgren leaves OSU for a head coaching position (Colorado?) which current OSU coaches would he be likely to poach? I would hate to lose Trent Bray, Jim Michalczik, and/or OSU’s Strength & Conditioning coach(es). – Jerry S

That would depend where Lindgren lands. If it’s a Group of 5 school, it’s unlikely he could match or beat Oregon State’s pay scale for an assistant coach. Bray’s next job is likely as a head coach. I wouldn’t be too concerned in the case of Lindgren. I’d be more concerned that an SEC or Big Ten school with a large budget comes calling.

Do we throw the ball more than 10 times in Tempe with ASU defense giving up gashing runs in Pac 12 play? – Brandyn J

I’ll take the way over on that one. Even if OSU’s game plan is super conservative, the Beavers are throwing 15 times, minimum. In fact, I expect OSU to take at least a couple deep shots on its first drive or two.

Are there any updates on renaming the rivalry game? We can’t just keep going without a name. – Bryan M

Here’s the update: there is nothing going on. And by nothing, I mean it’s not even a topic of discussion between the schools. I don’t expect any news on this front until a sponsor decides to put a large check behind a name.

Any plans this year or in the future for the men’s and women’s basketball teams to host a doubleheader in order to improve attendance? — @2022SportsGuy

What will improve attendance is winning. The men’s and women’s fan bases don’t have a lot of cross over.

Injury update for Beavs/SunDevils game, please. – Richard K

While I can’t give you names yet, expect several starters to stay home. Should have more later today or Saturday morning.

Should I book my travel to El Paso, or are there other bowl destinations still in play? – Benny L

Several bowls are in play for Oregon State, but the Sun Bowl is the heavy favorite.

–Nick Daschel | ndaschel@oregonian.com | @nickdaschel

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