Readers respond: Climate crisis needs climate leaders

The 2017 Eagle Creek Fire caused an evacuation and destroyed 50,000 acres, including forests and property, costing $40 million. The 2020 Riverside Fire caused an evacuation and destroyed more than 138,000 acres, including 139 structures, costing more than $150 million. Our air quality during that fire was among the worst in the world. I watched as the recent Nakia Creek Fire blew up, and our air quality was again among the worst in the world. In the 2020 Oregon wildfires, 11 people died and 4,009 homes and 1.2 million acres were destroyed, costing $354 million.

The climate and extinction crises are changing our region. It is hotter, drier and more vulnerable to drought and wildfires, threatening our safety, health, quality of life and future. Responding to climate catastrophes costs more than preventing them. Our economy, food supply, health care, and social justice, including immigration, can worsen because of global warming. I want to protect our Oregon that we love and I want the change we need for my family and future generations.

I want leaders who are acting on global warming, such as climate champion Tina Kotek, who has a 95% voting record for climate issues; Raz Mason, a dedicated leader in environmental education; and Darcy Long, committed to climate action. We need them, not climate deniers. Please join me in voting for Tina Kotek, Raz Mason, and Darcy Long!

Lori Hood, Corbett

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