Readers respond: Don’t trust Kotek’s judgment

The Oregonian/OregonLive editorial board endorsed Tina Kotek for governor after stating that all three gubernatorial candidates were sharp, experienced and undeniably qualified. (“Editorial endorsement November 2022: A difficult call, but endorsement for governor goes to Tina Kotek,” Oct. 16)

The editorial board stated that their endorsement of Kotek came with deep reservations. One such reservation was admitting that she “leans toward supporting a state education department recommendation to permanently remove a requirement that high school students prove proficiency in math, reading and language arts – opening the door for students to earn diplomas with no more than Ds on their report cards.” You don’t have to be a former educator, as I am, to know what a disastrous result this policy would have on our children and state.

After decades of governmental control by the Democrats, Oregon schools ranked in the bottom third nationally as measured by Education Week researchers in 2021. In 2016, even the Oregonian said “the state deserves a No. 38 performance ranking” in Education Week. This dismal rating cannot be blamed on lack of funds. We have been failing our children and the result shows in a far-reaching ways, including the hellish conditions and chaos and violence in Portland.

In addition to Kotek’s lack of common sense regarding schools, the Oregonian’s endorsement “comes with deep reservations about Kotek’s ability to overcome partisan gamesmanship” and “lead with a true commitment to all Oregonians.” I would add that “all Oregonians” should include our children.

With these negatives plaguing her, why on earth would we trust her judgment to lead Oregon out of this terrible mess?

Nancy Hursh, Hillsboro

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