Readers respond: Gun measure expensive, misguided

I’m writing to urge voters to reject Measure 114 regarding gun ownership in Oregon. This legislation will have no significant effect on gun violence. Parts of Measure 114 are redundant. For example, gun purchasers already go through a background check and concealed carry permits require a background check, fingerprints, a photograph and training. This applies to law-abiding citizens. These are not the people causing gun injuries. The people who cause firearm injuries are those who usually acquire their weapons illegally… something that can be easily done in any big city. Gun control will have no effect on criminal gun use.

Measure 114 is unfunded. If it passes, it will suck money from important emergency services programs and it will be expensive. Every political jurisdiction in the state will suffer a considerable financial hit. Moreover, the several counties that comprise the Portland metropolitan region will bear a much greater financial burden.

Since gun violence is far more prevalent in the metro area of Portland, why penalize the rest of the state with onerous gun ownership requirements? As a resident of Eastern Oregon, I and many others of my acquaintances resent that the urban areas want to shove this down our throats when we didn’t create the problem you’re trying to solve with this misguided legislation.

Finally, if this legislation passes, don’t be surprised if it is constitutionally challenged and gutted of its most ridiculous provisions. A no vote is the only reasonable course on election day.

John F. Douglass, Hermiston

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