Readers respond: Kotek an easy call

While your editorial board deemed it a “difficult call” to endorse Tina Kotek for governor, it’s not difficult at all when you imagine the vastly different futures our state could have depending on who’s at the helm. I happened to take a job in the governor’s office six weeks before the start of COVID. Being in the Zoom room during discussions about some of the most impactful decisions a leader could make showed me firsthand what’s at stake.

That’s why I’m voting for Kotek. Gun violence is at record levels and school shootings seem to happen weekly in the U.S, Kotek has supported every gun safety measure, while Christine Drazan and Betsy Johnson, who have both received “A” grades from the NRA in their careers, voted against a safe storage law to help keep guns out of the wrong hands. As the mom of a 4-year-old who is starting playdates at other families’ homes, I can’t understand why Johnson and Drazan don’t want to protect kids from unintended access to guns that can lead to accidental shootings.

Kotek’s record on protecting our right to reproductive care is also critical. While Kotek passed abortion access into state law, Drazan is anti-choice, so we risk her choosing anti-abortion leaders for state agencies like the Oregon Health Authority and appointing judges who could make anti-abortion rulings.

To keep Oregon safe and create the future we want for our families, voting for Kotek is an easy choice.

Sarah Wexler, Portland

Wexler was director of strategic communications for Governor Kate Brown

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