SALDO Expands Horizons with Release of Australian Shiraz

SALDO Shiraz is The Prisoner Wine Company’s First Foray Into International Sourcing

St. Helena, CA (November 10, 2022) – SALDO, an exploratory wine brand in The Prisoner Wine Company portfolio, announces the release of its Australian Shiraz. This new offering marks the brand’s first foray into international sourcing and showcases fruit from South Australia’s most outstanding wine growing regions.

SALDO Shiraz takes the best fruit from the Barossa Valley, Limestone Coast and Clare Valley regions of Southern Australia to create a blend that is recognizably Shiraz in both flavor profile and aromatics while being distinctively SALDO in approachability, mouthfeel and balanced acidity. In keeping with The Prisoner Wine Company’s tradition of creating provocative label designs, the Shiraz’s bottle exterior is as bold, elegant and refined as the wine inside. Its minimalistic and eye-catching label pays homage to the functional Dymo label tape often used by winemakers to track bottles aging in the cellars.

“SALDO started by reinvigorating an overlooked California varietal with our flagship Zinfandel. We now see our expansion into international sourcing as an opportunity to continue shining a light on uncommon yet intriguing varietals from regions across the world,” said Bukky Ekundayo, general manager of SALDO. “With the release of SALDO Shiraz, we’re tapping into an exciting trend in the super luxury wine category, in which internationally known varietals that have historically received little acreage or attention in California are growing rapidly, at 3-4x the rate of the category.”

In October 2021, The Prisoner Wine Company launched SALDO as a standalone brand, building upon the portfolio’s popular Zinfandel bottling, which was first released in 2009. In addition to the newly released Australian Shiraz, the SALDO lineup includes the flagship Zinfandel, a Petite Sirah driven Red Blend and a classic California Chenin Blanc. The portfolio showcases lesser known wine styles and overlooked regions, encouraging drinkers to uncover what’s next in wine.  Meaning “I join” in Italian, the name SALDO reflects the brand’s winemaking approach of joining together the best fruit sourced from throughout California and beyond, and blending it into meticulously crafted wines.

SALDO Shiraz ($34 SRP) is available now for purchase on the SALDO website, and will be available at retailers around the country in the coming weeks. To purchase or learn more, please visit:


Developed by The Prisoner Wine Company’s Director of Winemaking Chrissy Wittmann as an exploration of the undiscovered or overlooked, SALDO offers a unique portfolio which includes wines like Zinfandel, Red Blend, Chenin Blanc, and now an Australian Shiraz. Meaning “I join” in Italian, SALDO explores uncharted territory by sourcing and blending grapes from the best vineyards across California and the world. The meticulous blending and continuous refining of nontraditional varietals is apparent in SALDO’s distinctive style. The minimalistic and eye-catching label derives inspiration from the Dymo label tape often used by winemakers to track bottles aging in the cellars.

About The Prisoner Wine Company

When The Prisoner was released two decades ago as a complex blend of some of California’s best and most unusual grape varieties, it swiftly and permanently changed the American perception of what a red blend wine could be. The Prisoner Wine Company grew to include a range of rule-bending blends with provocative label designs, and the portfolio has been recognized by consumers and critics alike as one of the most innovative wine brands in the market, leading the resurgence of California luxury red blends and earning “cult” wine status. Today, Director of Winemaking Chrissy Wittmann and her team of winemakers work with over 100 growers in northern California, bringing together exceptional fruit to produce a family of bold and intriguing wines. The Prisoner Wine Company is located on Highway 29 in Napa Valley and welcomes visitors year-round for unexpected, immersive experiences.

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