The Most Efficient Humidification Systems on the Market

RWI’s humidification systems are the most efficient systems on the market. The 2.0 series can handle humidification of aging sheds, tasting rooms, storage, and barrel houses.

The benefits of RWI’s humidification systems are controlling industry “angel share” losses, improved barrel conditions, and greatly enhancing wine quality and consistency to help
ensure greater financial performance.

With the 2.0 humidification series, RWI’s thermodynamic humidification systems will help protect vineyard crops from damage from both extreme heat and freezing conditions.
RWI’s humidification systems add humidity to the air when the natural humidity is less than ideal. Giving vineyard managers better crop control and winemakers better aging control.

RWI is committed to delivering tools that help your financial performance.

RWI Enhanced Evaporation
WIN Expo Booth: 512

RWI Enhanced Evaporation extends service beyond simply supplying products. We pride ourselves on our quality service & support and strive to continually improve our products with the newest, most efficient and reliable innovations. Our goal is to optimize & maximize your operations. We work to identify savings through improved product life, reduced maintenance costs, and reduced energy consumption — all combined to improve your bottom line.

RWI Enhanced Evaporation currently has evaporation equipment in 30 states and 17 countries in many different industries. We have the ability to evaporate all types of water in a variety of environments including the ability to evaporate wastewater, evaporate production water, evaporate storm runoff water, and much more. We offer floating evaporators as well as trajectory evaporators; our 2.0 evaporation systems are the most efficient evaporator on the market. Leading the industry with the lowest energy consumption available the 2.0 evaporation series has also increased evaporation rates.

With a history of unparalleled service, support, and safety, RWI Enhanced Evaporation continues to provide expert service to get the job done efficiently and effectively!  

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