The Startup Winechain Strengthens Its ‘Major International Wine Estates’ Team

  • After having raised some €6 million as of September 1, 2022, WINECHAIN, the NFT platform for fine wine estates, continues its worldwide development.
  • Antoine Pétrus, the 39-year-old ex-Chief Executive of Maisons TAILLEVENT, comes onboard the management team with special responsibility for Major International Estates.
  • Fully Web 3.0 orientated, the Winechain platform will be releasing its first wiNeFT early in 2023.
Antoine Pétrus – Crédit Photo : Anne-Emmanuelle Thion

November 23, 2022 – WINECHAIN, the marketplace for wiNeFTs (the official Winechain name for an NFT) that connects fine wine estates to new generations of wine enthusiasts all around the globe, has today announced the appointment of Antoine Pétrus (39) to the post of Major Estates Account Director. Twice elected Best French Artisan in the category Sommellerie and Maître d’Hôtel Service and Table Art, and ex-Chief Executive of Maisons TAILLEVENT** (Paris / London / Tokyo), he will be responsible for selecting the fine wine estates that will join the Winechain platform.

“From 2023, numerous prestigious international estates will join Winechain alongside the Moueix (Videlot), Perrin (Château de Beaucastel), Rouzaud (Champagne Roederer, Château Pichon-Comtesse) and Reybier (Château Cos d’Estournel) families, to offer their fine wines to wine enthusiasts around the globe via wiNeFTs. I will be overseeing this significant development with the support of the existing teams to give fine wine estates the prominence they deserve on this marketplace which has been conceived essentially by and for winemakers” declares Antoine Pétrus.

This Web3 project is yours. Invest in WINECHAIN now by clicking on the link:


Winechain is the first independent NFT platform for fine wine estates designed to create direct links with new generations of wine consumers around the world. The initiative, launched in April 2022 by four experts – Xavier Garambois, former head of Amazon Europe, Marc Perrin of Château de Beaucastel, Guillaume Jourdan, CEO of VitaBella, and Nicolas Mendiharat, CEO of Winechain – is set to launch in early 2023 when the first wiNeFT (the official Winechain name for an NFT) will be issued.

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