Wine and Spirits Industry Brands Recognize Value of NeuroTags Consumer Marketing Technology

Given the anonymity of consumers who buy wine at retail, direct customer contact to create brand loyalty driven incremental sales is virtually impossible.

Up until now, that is.

Today, NeuroTags, has begun providing a customized, digital communication channel for two brands in the wine and spirits sector and their consumers. Using NeuroTags’ unique, QR solution, it enables them to use their physical product to capture customer contact information and then provides the tools necessary to use that information for direct and creative brand marketing.

It starts by capturing consumer attention – on the bottle – through a loyalty program or contest that is brand specific. Consumers simply scratch the NeuroTags and scan with their smartphone to enter and see a custom branded mobile experience. No app is needed. NeuroTags partners with client marketing teams on the strategy and design of these consumer engagement programs, as well as provides the built-in marketing tools to build an ongoing and financially beneficial relationship with consumers.

“We’re very excited about the NeuroTags customer engagement technology,” enthuses Bill Murphy, Founder and CEO of Clos LaChance Wines, LLC,. “NeuroTags is a unique and powerful way to connect with customers who were previously invisible to us.”

This powerful new marketing capability has been globally deployed by scores of brands in electronics, automotive, cannabis and just begun its roll-out for wine and spirits businesses. With more than 10 million products in the marketplace, NeuroTags has developed a playbook of best practices to bring to the Wine & Spirits industry.

NeuroTags Managing Director Harvey Bondar reports that, “given the regulatory environment in this industry, we see NeuroTags as the perfect antidote to the resultant consumer anonymity at retail. Businesses using NeuroTags have seen their sales jump within the first quarter of deployment and annual purchase increases of over five percent on average over the course of the first year.”

“NeuroTags enables us to have a direct pipeline to our consumers allowing us to drive incremental sales,” concurs Guillermo Rodriquez, CEO of Southwest Spirits. “We look forward to learning more about exactly how this product will enhance a whole new range of marketing opportunities for us.”

The NeuroTags company has recently joined Wine Industry Network (WIN) and will be one of the featured exhibitors at the 10th annual North Coast Wine Industry Expo taking place at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, CA on Thursday, December 1, 2022.

“Our engagement with the Wine Industry Network has been extraordinarily positive. We’re really looking forward to our first WIN Expo and demonstrating to participants what NeuroTags can do for their businesses.”

For more information visit the WIN Expo NeuroTags booth #217 or go to

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